How we work

Property investment flow
Along with the flow, …

1.Consultation to Property search

  • Confirmation of investment criteria
  • Property search based on the criteria

2.LOI to Negotiation

  • Submission of Letter of Intent
  • Collecting detailed information on the property
  • Negotiation with seller via agents

3.Signing to Settlement/ Registration

  • Important Matters to be reviewed before signing the contract
  • Judicial scrivener’s verification + Timely fund transfer
  • Registration of ownership (transfer)

Along with the flow, …

  • Liaises with property agent and other local specialists at every step.
  • Provides information on local business custom.
  • Assists you with clear understanding of the property and the process for smooth transaction.
  • English summary can be prepared for materials associated with the transaction.

4.Property management

  • Management of tenants and rentals
  • Cleaning, periodical inspection of facility, complaint management, etc.

Along with the flow, …

  • Liaises with property manager and local suppliers.
  • Assists you with smooth collection of rents.

5.Tax issues

  • Property acquisition tax, property tax, income tax, final return, etc.
  • Communication with accountant, local tax office, tax agent, etc.

Along with the flow, …

  • Liaises with local accountant and tax agent.
  • Assists you with preparation of documents required by the government.

With by your side, you can confidently
proceed with Japanese property investment.

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