Which area is covered by National Route 16?

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As with Bank X criteria (http://bizliaison.jp/archives/268), other banks also put emphasis on the area surrounded by National Route 16 when discussing properties on review.

To be more specifically, which area is within the Route? We have been asked the question by many overseas clients. The map below gives us a clearer idea of the area.

You may have often heard the term Shutoken (首都圏) or Greater Tokyo, which covers Kanto area plus Yamanashi Prefecture. And another similar term is Tokyo-ken (東京圏) i.e. Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Chiba. But the area within National Route 16 is narrower than Tokyo-ken excluding not only suburbs but relatively big cities like Fujisawa, Kamakura, Abiko, Ichihara, etc.

Bank Z also refers to the National Route 16 and also takes into account time for the trip to the property site from Tokyo  Station which must be up to one hour. The circle with 1-hour radius almost overlaps the one outlined on the map above.

If you are thinking about bank finance for your investment, why not checking the property location referring to the map above? Of course, some banks may consider a property located outside the Route, but it is likely that the rate will be higher or that you will have to raise self-finance portion or that the repayment period will be shorter or that building age should be younger than the one within the Route.

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