Best chance for investment in Harajuku area: 1LDK unit in Harajuku area.

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Only a 2-minute walk takes you to the property located in a quiet residential area. You can also walk to both Yoyogi Station and Harajuku Station within 10 minutes as well as Omote-sando and the National Stadium for a good stroll.

Apica Harajuku sedu is a 4-story low-rise condominium built in 1997. With automatic lock system, the property is a clean corner unit on the top floor that enjoys a lot of sunshine. Furthermore, you can have a pet, too.

If you are looking at a condo unit, you must be searching in the central Tokyo, Omote-sando and Aoyama area in particular. If so, we would definitely recommend you Apica Harajuku sedu situated next to the area.

It is 1LDK with 36.43 m2, monthly management expenses of 37,680 yen and priced at 39.8 million yen. Please feel free to contact us if you need further information.


LIFE Design Corporation

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